Peter and Paul Okoye seem to have settled their differences and resolved to sing together albeit with  different managements. However...

Peter and Paul Okoye seem to have settled their differences and resolved to sing together albeit with 

different managements. However Peter Okoye  had granted an exclusive interview to the NetNG  on 

Thursday March 17 about the genesis of the problems within Psquare, Jude Okoye and the feud in 

general. The interview took place at Peter's home in Lekki.  It is a very long interview but it's worth 

reading. Read below:

The issue was the fact that I was in Psquare and it felt like I was in 

fear. If I don’t do this, Psquare will break-up, if I don’t do that, 

Psquare will scatter.’Four years ago, I told Jude that he needs to 

step down as our manager, because I didn’t want to disrespect him 

as a brother, but this is business, we have to structure it. And Jude 

said to me that there’s a way I’ll talk to him, and he’ll slap me. So 

kept quiet’. 

‘So, a few hours after, Paul came to me and said if I want Jude to 

step down it’s not a problem, but it’ll mean that he (Paul) will go 

solo. The the first time word got out about Psquare breaking up, a 

lot of people called us, senators, governors, and people like that. In 

fact three of us were once in a private jet to go and see someone 

who wanted to resolve our issues and we didn’t speak to each other 

all through the flight. At the end of the day, I swallowed my pride 

for peace to reign and allowed Jude to remain as our manager’.

I and Paul stay together in this estate and the last time I saw him 

was about a week ago.

Then the interviewer asks:

But you live in the same premises. Why is this so?

Peter said:

Truth is, I’ve not been in talking terms with Paul since December 

2015 and that was why I travelled in January because I had a lot on 

my mind.

Something happened at Mavin Studios last year that broke my 


In regards to collabos with other artistes he said:

Now listen to this, Psquare featured on songs with J-Martins, 

Bracket, LKT, 9ice and these 4 songs were done by Paul alone, but 

guess what, did I appear in the videos, YES’.

‘Now hear this, we have other collabos with Kaha, Darey, 

Ruggedman. I did these songs alone. How come they don’t have 

videos? Paul refused to appear in the videos’.

‘So I told Paul that when next he does collabo alone, he should be 

in the video alone, because it got a point where artistes began to 

feel if they do a collabo with Paul it gets a video but if it’s me it 

doesn’t get a video.

The last collabo we did was with Flavour and I refused to do 

another one. Even Flavour had to speak all the Igbo he knows to 

convince me before I agreed to do it. Only for my brother to come 

and tell me that ‘shey I thought you said you won’t appear in any 

video that I did the collabo alone? Why did you appear on this 

one?’. I was sad but I knew another one will come’.

So Tiwa Savage called me, apparently Paul had gone to do a song 

with her, not the campaign song they are promoting now, another 

Psquare collabo entirely. So she called me that she’s been trying to 

reach Paul to get the CD of the song from him that he’s already 

done his part, so I went to Paul’s house to help ask for it and tell 

him that I want to go to their studio to do my verse and he said he 

doesn’t know where the CD is’.

‘I went to the Mavin studio to meet Tiwa, when I got there, she 

asked for the CD and I told her Paul didn’t give me any CD, so I 

called him again and gave the phone to Tiwa and told her on phone 

that the CD is at Omole, so I got into the studio recorded my verse 

and when I finished, everybody was clapping. I was surprised only 

to realize that Paul had gone to tell them that I don’t sing or write 


‘I felt really bad and betrayed, but I covered up for him. I jokingly 

asked Teebillz if they gave him Red Label and he said yes, so I 

was like you guys caused it, and we laughed over it. So when my 

assistant went to pick up the CD, Paul and Jude started shouting at 

him to tell Peter that what is he doing at the Mavin studio? He 

knows how we work. The next day, I went to Paul and told him 

how I felt when I heard what he said. Only for Jude to say that he 

made Paul the lead singer of Psquare 8 years ago! A leader leads, 

he doesn’t destroy.'

‘When it comes to decision-making, it has always been a Triangle 

formation, and the highest vote wins. I never used to complain 

because we were all okay, but what has changed now is the fact 

that we’ve grown. You can make a certain decision based on how 

we used to do it and it may affect everyone as an individual, but it 

gets to a point when the decisions taken never gets to be my own 

and I began to wonder if anything is wrong’.

‘I always get Ideas, most of Psquare ideas come from me, and 

when I say Idea, I mean materials we need to put out for people to 

see, video, stage performances and all. But when I come up with 

them, nobody wants to accept it. I didn’t complain because people 

still love what we do, but then again, there wasn’t much 

competition in the industry back then’.

As time goes, we should get better, it shouldn’t be same triangle 

deciding, because if we continue that same way, we’ll lose it. All I 

want is a proper structure in the sense that, we need to have proper 

management, business managers and all’.

‘As I speak to you right now, we don’t have any office, no 

structure. When this issue started about five years ago, our lawyer 

told us the way we run our business is wrong without a structure’.

‘I’ll give you an instance’.

We had to go perform somewhere once, and because I had a slight 

argument with Paul, he said he’s not going. The show was the 

wedding of the President’s daughter, because some times when we 

perform for some certain people, they always talk to me, they 

don’t call Jude’.

‘I didn’t even know until we got to the airport and at the end of the 

day we missed the reception, but we finally performed at the gala 

night, because when I got to the airport my brother wasn’t there, 

and I became confused on how I was going to explain to the 

President that we can’t perform?

So I made up my mind to go with the band, perform like that and 

lie that my brother was sick. So we left for Abuja and when we got 

to the hotel dressing up my assistant manager called that he was on 

the way to the airport with Paul, so we had to wait for them to land 

in Abuja and that was why we couldn’t make it on time to the 


‘The president was mad. In fact Mama Peace (Patience Jonathan) 

was really mad. But we eventually made up for it with a 

performance at the Gala night.

Only for Jude to say Paul said he wasn’t going for a show and I 

still went on it with it’.

‘Imagine if Jude had a proper structure and we had contracts? That 

wouldn’t happen. And it was more because the show came through 

me. If the show came through Jude it wouldn’t have happened. I 

don’t have a problem with doing things as a family, but then the 

structure and proper organization is important too. The name 

Psquare is very big outside but inside we have no structure, I see 

people like Audu of Chocolate City, Mavin Records, even Ubi 

Franklin and I wanted us to have a structure like that. Psquare is 

just up there because of the grace of God.’

In response to being labeled a dancer he says:

 ‘It’s really sad that people have labeled me ‘Dancer’, and people 

don’t really know what I do for Psquare. Kudos to Paul, I’m not a 

good songwriter, in-fact I’ll rate myself 30%, so when it comes to 

song writing, I give it to Paul 100%.

‘However, not writing songs does not disqualify you from being a 

musician. I can tell you for free that a Nigerian wrote two of the 

songs on Rihanna’s new album. I’ve travelled a lot and most times 

people ask, ‘which one are you, the singer or the dancer’? And it’s 

really sad’. In Psquare, I am the creative person, I can sit-down 

and tell you what people want to hear, what they want to see and 

what they want to learn from Psquare. But it’s not something to 

brag about’.

Jude directs all our videos:

‘This whole thing began when Paul went online and started posting 

lyrics of most of our songs on Instagram that he wrote them all, 

just because Peter brought in something to the table’.

‘I’ve been trying to bring more business for Psquare I didn’t know 

it was going to cause problems. I sent my manager to a meeting in 

Senegal to meet with Universal music about getting us deals, and 

when he came back, the way they responded to him wasn’t 


So I had to send Diouf, the footballer to help get the documents 

and convince my brothers before we could pull through with the 

deal. And after some months, we started making money. 

Meanwhile, while filling the forms, Jude filled everything as 

Psquare. So the first money came, we shared it. The second money 

was bigger, it came and we shared it too. That was when Paul said 

we had to re-fill the form and give proper credit to the songwriter 

(Himself) and if the form is not brought back, he’s going to expose 

me and tell the world that he writes all the songs’.

‘And the next day he went online to post those lyrics. So my 

question is, when he was doing that what did Jude do about it? 

Absolutely nothing!’

I remember I once told Paul something, when Jude was using the 

term ‘Our Money’ when he just became our manager, that was 

when we made our first 1 million. I called Paul and told him that 

our former manager used to make about 15%, now that Jude is our 

manager, let’s think of a percentage that we’ll be giving him and 

put it on paper’.

‘Paul was like, it’s not necessary. Probably, he went to tell Jude 

about it.

I’m sorry to say this, but I think Paul is weak’.You know they say 

change is constant, you can’t stay at one spot, as the industry 

moves, you move. So I won’t say the problem we have is money. I 

think everybody is just dragging power unnecessarily. Imagine 

Jude telling me that he’s in charge of Psquare and there’s nothing 

Peter and Paul can do about it, and I look at Paul he’s quiet about 


‘I’ve never seen where a manager talks to his artistes anyhow. If 

there’s any issue you should call us aside quietly to talk about it’.

WHY I called Jude out on social media

First of all, if I as an artiste tells you to step down, and you say 

Paul and I cannot do anything, then there’s no other way I can take 

you out than going public’.

‘On December 14, 2015 we sat down to have a meeting hoping to 

be able to set a proper structure in place, but Paul noticed that it 

wasn’t working the way he wanted, so he said he wants to tell us 

that he’s starting a new group.

I thought he meant he wanted to start a record label, and he was 

like no, he’s starting a new group that he belongs to. And Jude 

simply said, ‘anybody stop you’? He picked up his phones and 

walked out of the meeting. I felt it had already been discussed 

behind me’.

‘I later found out that Paul is already recruiting the group and Jude 

is their manager. At the moment I heard they are called ‘The 

MVPs’ I don’t know what it means yet’.

‘So how do you expect me to be managed by the same person 

we’ve been having issues with, who is now the manager of the 

other group. There’ll surely be conflict of interest’.

‘And it actually happened two weeks ago’.

‘Jude called me, after I had said he’s fired. He called me on a 

Thursday to say ‘Hope you know we are going to the embassy 

tomorrow for that show in Holland’. I know about the show, it was 

already booked before the issues started, so I told him, ‘Bro you 

are not my manager, talk to my manager’. He said, ‘Noted’. And 

the next day, they went to the embassy with the new group 

members, which means they had already set up their interview at 

the embassy because it’s not possible to get an appointment in less 

than 24 hours’.

‘So I traced the organisers, and told them that Jude does not 

represent us, he represents only Paul. I told them this is what it 

takes to get Peter and Paul, Peter alone or Paul alone’.

‘So I went on social media to protect our careers, because if I 

didn’t do it, Psquare will not release any materials anytime soon, 

they’ll be busy promoting their artistes’.

And I remember going to talk to Paul about it before I went on 

social media, I went to his house he was in his room with his 

friend, and I was like can he excuse us, I want to talk to you and 

Paul said, no, his friend should stay, anything I want to say should 

be said in front of him. So I said, no, you know we are brothers 

and he was like, ‘oh, na now you know say we be brothers’.

So I said, I came to talk to him about what’s been happening, but it 

was turning into an argument so I left and I travelled out. I was 

away for over a month, knowing that we didn’t have any show at 

that time. I went to Turkey, London to rest my mind, my friend 

Samuel Eto’o invited me to come’.


‘The day I fired Jude was at a concert. It was the day I came back, 

we had a show, so I went straight to the venue in Lagos and told 

Jude I want to talk to him, and he said I should say anything I want 

to say in front of everyone. I was like that was the same attitude 

Paul gave me before I travelled’.

‘So Jude was like if I like I should get out, and I was like guy don’t 

embarrass me. He said who are you, because you think you are 

Psquare? So I told him openly that if he cannot resolve me and 

Paul’s issue, he doesn’t deserve to be our manager, and he said I 

should get out. There and then I told him ‘You are fired’! He 

looked at me and said, ‘You fit fire me’?’.

‘That was when I entered my car and started Tweeting. How else 

can you take him out?’

‘Long before I made up my mind, Paul already said there’s no 

more Psquare, If Jude leaves he goes with him’.And before I 

announced my management, I wanted my mind to be clear, so I 

went back to Paul, this time we were alone and we spoke a lot, I 

told him I had no issues with him, but he needs to stop letting Jude 

use him as a shield. Both of us started shedding tears, and when we 

finished he still said he hopes I’m not here to tell him that I still 

want Psquare and I told him I want to move on, because he already 

has a manager (Jude) and I don’t, so I had to structure myself too’.

‘And I didn’t want to allow the Psquare name to fade before 

moving on. Look at Don Jazzy and Dbanj, when they broke up, 

they waited for like 6 months and had to start again. Now, that 

Psquare just broke up, let me use the name to move on quickly, 

because there’s no time’.


‘Before I did the Olympic deal, I’ve brought some deals for 

Psquare but the people endorsing Psquare only see Peter and Paul, 

but behind it’s Peter, Paul and Jude so the price goes so high that it 

never works’.But when a deal comes to my table, it’s not like they 

called Jude and I went behind to talk to them, the deal came 

directly to me from Jude’s friend. He called me and told me about 

it, and before then I had already established my own beverage 

factory and the deal coming was from PZ, which means I could do 

more business with them, so should I lose that deal because they 

didn’t call Jude?’

‘And I asked them that why me and not Psquare, they said they 

couldn’t afford Psquare and more so the brand was tailored to fit 

one person. So I went back to tell Paul and Jude and they didn’t 

say anything, they didn’t ask me not to do it.

Don’t get it wrong, we’ve been doing different private businesses, 

the only difference was that the Olympic deal had to come out 

public. I’ve been doing mass housing projects on my own, Paul 

has been doing real estate, Jude has been doing his own thing, he 

even went to do Northside record label, so it’s not like it’s the first 

thing I’m doing alone. It’s just the first one that went public’.

‘So even when I decide to open my beverage factory, people will 

still say why am I doing it alone without my brother’.


‘I hear lot of people think it’s all a stunt, and that’s what I really 

want to put an end to. It’s not a stunt at all. It has been going on for 

a while’.

‘When Jude didn’t come to my wedding, people started saying we 

broke up and then others said it’s a stunt, then when Paul posted 

those lyrics stuff on Instagram people thought it was a stunt too, 

but the truth is that, this is not and has never been a publicity stunt’.

‘I am telling you the truth, I am moving on because people are 

already getting tired of this Psquare brouhaha, now I have my 

manager Olatunde Michaels and I expect everybody to respect 

that. I am a family man, a musician, singer and dancer, if I don’t 

move on, Psquare will collapse and there’ll be nothing left’.

‘Already Paul has done two songs without me but no one is saying 

anything, he did a song with his artiste ‘Muno’ with his name as 

Rudeboy did they feature me? He did a song with Tiwa Savage, 

did they feature me?’

‘Last week Yemi Alade sent me her album track list to help her 

share on Instagram, guess what I saw, she had a song with Psquare 

that I didn’t even know about. Only Paul did it’.

The next level

‘Because I announced a new management, people feel am the one 

going solo, but Paul has already gone solo, he’s moved on and 

didn’t need to announce any new management because he still 

works with Jude, so I had to announce mine and believe it or not, 

people are booking me for gigs already’.

‘And guess what, I’ll still perform Psquare songs, nobody can stop 

me, nobody can stop Paul too, we didn’t have a contract with Jude, 

so I have the right to perform Psquare songs especially the ones I 

took part in’.

‘I’ll also consider releasing solo songs and even albums. Truth is – 

in the last album Paul did some songs alone, I did some songs 

alone. ‘Bring It On’ was Paul alone, ‘Eje Ajo’, ‘Shekini’ was done 

by me alone’.

‘Remember the 4 songs ‘Free For Fans’ that we released, those 

songs were removed from the last album and I leaked them’.

‘I have some songwriters already, V-Tek writes for me, and I’m 

still bringing up more’.


‘Because of what was happening, it was like two against one, so I 

said let’s share our properties. When I said that, Paul said if we 

want to share our properties, Jude must get the same share with us 

otherwise Psquare will split and I was like ‘SPLIT-AGAIN?’

‘Our lawyer came and told Paul that it’s wrong to share it equally 

with Jude, but he insisted, so we divided every property we owned 

in Lagos, Jos, America, Abuja. In-fact the right and left wing of 

the Square Ville mansion belongs to Paul and Jude now.

So that was how we shared all our properties equally among the 

three of us about two or three years ago’.

‘After sharing everything, I called Paul again and spoke to him 

about a proper structure. We’ve been with people like Akon and co 

and we see how it’s done. Right now, Psquare has millions of 

dollars in royalties hanging in the air’.

‘All our endorsement and shows are shared equally between the 

three of us as well’.

‘After what it took to share our properties, I was embarking on a 

project, so I needed more money and I wanted to sell my house in 

America and buy something smaller, because I spend close to 

$30,000 to maintain that condo every year’.

‘So I called my caretaker to begin the process and she told Jude 

and Paul to send their data page and passport photographs, but they 

refused because they know I wanted to the sell the house. And see 

the value of dollars now. The house was valued at 100M then, but 

if I sell it now, I could make extra 250M’.

‘And we already signed paper works and document of the house 

that it belongs to me but Jude ignored it, so I called our lawyer, 

Festus Keyamo to inform him about the development. He called 

them and they both refused to pick his call, so he sent them a text 

and requested that we should have a meeting, but Jude replied him 

and said no need for a meeting that the America house will be 


‘Paul said we agreed and signed on how to share but we haven’t 

really shared it yet, after all Jude is still holding on to the 


‘Three of us have properties close to each other in Parkview and 

that’s why I want to sell my own and move to Banana Island’.

‘I can’t really understand why they don’t want a structure, to me I 

think it’s ignorance, and if I decide to do it, it’ll seem like I’m 

looking for trouble’.

‘People think we changed when we started having wives. Before 

my mum died, she was at St Nicholas hospital on the island, and 

my sisters were living in this house (in Lekki), and every morning 

before my wife goes to work, she’ll leave home at 5am in the 

morning to go and stay with my mum even before we get there 

ourselves. And when she closes from work, she’s back with her 


‘So I just laugh when I hear people say my mum didn’t like my 

wife. It’s my wife and sister that prepare my mum’s meals in the 


‘Now let me shock you: our wives, the three of them are the 

closest set of people you can imagine. Even with all that’s going 

on. It’s really surprising. Somehow, they respect themselves and 

stayed out of the whole drama and I respect them a lot. And that’s 

somehow what has kept us together for this long, otherwise 

Psquare would have ended like two or three years back’.


When I set up P-Classic records because people were saying 

Psquare haven’t helped anyone, I saw the success of Tiwa Savage 

and I was close to signing Cynthia Morgan and Simi. Ask them 

they’ll tell you’.

‘I remember Paul came to the studio and said he heard I’m signing 

Simi and Cynthia, I said ‘Yes’, and he was like ‘What will people 

see Jude as’, and I gave him example of Drake and Young Money, 

Cash money’.

‘Oscar (Producer of ‘Collabo’ ft. Don Jazzy) called to tell me that 

they can’t sign the deal, because he heard it’s causing problem in 

Psquare. Meanwhile Cynthia and Simi were both going through 

the contracts I gave them only for them to return it two days later 

that they can’t do it’.

‘Two weeks after, I was shocked to hear that Jude had signed 

Cynthia Morgan, and she knows deep down that she’s never going 

to get a Psquare collabo’.


‘The truth is I feel happy it has come, because I’ve been staying in 

Psquare in fear for the last four years. The situation now is, if you 

want Psquare to perform, you’ll have to get in touch with two 

management, I don’t care if you pay Paul’s management more than 

they pay me, once we are able to agree Psquare is still there’.

‘I just don’t want to have a management that feels he’s in control 

because he’s my elder brother’.

‘And because of the legacy that I want Psquare to be remembered 

for, that was why I went to talk to Paul the last time. I don’t want 

us to start doing beef songs, or we see at the clubs and we don’t 

greet each other, or ignore our kids and stuff like that. And even if 

Psquare breaks up, I still want us to have our relationship as 

brothers. If I’ve regretted anything in my life so far, I swear to God 

this is not one of them, I’m happy because I’ve been in pain for a 

long time’.

‘It’s good if we go and do stuff separately so that even IF we come 

back we’ll have respect for each other. I wish Paul the best and I 

wish Jude the best as well’. 



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